Lots of Green!

This September, unless you dislike fun, games, and contests, you are going to the Rochester Irish Festival. This thing has got something for everyone; Irish dancing, great food, and great music. All you have to do is believe – and show up – to have a great time.

The Rochester Irish Festival features the best celebration of Irish culture around. You will see more green than you can imagine over the event weekend. Saturday is the day to go if you can only spend one day there. Activities throughout the day include dancing lessons, kid’s activities, and Celtic music that will blow your mind.

To prepare for such an amazing event, you are going to need something green. You may seem out of place if you show up without the color green on some piece of clothing. But, don’t worry – if your wardrobe leans towards more blues and reds, you can pick up a green festival t-shirt at the event. Green buttons, beads, and other merchandise are also available for sale at booths and stands inside the festival. These can add to your Irish flair as well.

Corned beef, Irish stew, and great beer are among the food and beverage items available inside the festival on Friday and Saturday. Beautiful Irish dancing and well known Irish bands like Celtic Fire provide the whimsical backdrop to the fun and lively environment.

The contests are a great incentive to start paying attention before the festival even begins. In 2014, the festival raffled off a limo package. The winner, and up to 5 of their closest friends, was driven to the festival in an executive VIP limousine, given free admission to the festival, given tickets to redeem for food and drinks, and then received a safe ride home in style.

After a weekend of eating, drinking, celebrating, and dancing, a traditional Irish mass is held on that Sunday morning of the festival to set everything right again. After the festival, there is a tendency towards sadness as you wait in anticipation for next year’s festival. But, don’t be sad – time goes by quickly.